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Marketing activities is a set of measures set up to attract customers and increase sales. There are several main types of marketing activities - a presentation of the exhibition, sales, promotions and more. Marketing activities represent a lot more than just an advertising campaign. They also include the process of research and access to a new segment of the market, an increase or decrease in prices, rebranding etc. Process control movement of goods necessarily involves performing marketing activities aimed at achieving contact with the target consumer. One of the main goals of the organization is the marketing companies - to connect to a single event in time, place and atmosphere to a potential customer noticed and appreciated the intended information about the product or service for him. The process of developing marketing activities consists of several steps to identify and develop the image and mission of the enterprise;what products and what characteristics produce; determination of the optimal balance of the sales price for the producer and the consumer; how, where, with whose help sell manufactured products; how to organize the movement of goods;competitor analysis; definition of customer needs.